In a continuing effort to offer its customers the best services and unparalleled printing, Park Printing Solutions is excited to unveil its most recent upgrade.

A Gandy Digital large-format flatbed printer, serial number 00009, is only the seventh such printer operating in North America.
When this printer went online in late October, it became the highest-quality, most technologically-advanced large-format printer available in the Midwest.

With an enormous 10’ x 6 1/2’ print bed, we can print bigger.

With up to 6 color high-grade UV inks AND opaque white, we can be more versatile.

With variable-dot printing as small as 6 picoliters, we can output high-definition photo-quailty prints.

With pin-registered double-sided printing, we can print both sides, perfectly aligned.

Large-format printing has never been done this well or looked this good.
What can we print for you?

Park Printing Solutions recently completed an install of graphics we produced for a Lands’ End Inlet in Madison. So, we thought it would be a good time to show you some of the other things we’ve done for Lands’ End…

How much wood does the average person use in a year?

About 1,664 pounds, or one log 18 inches across and 25 feet long will meet the needs of an average person annually for building supplies, newsprint, printing and writing paper, tissue paper, paper towels, product packaging and mail. Also, there are hundreds of products you might not think contained wood fiber like toothpaste, football helmets, scotch tape and milkshakes.
- From Wisconsin County Forests Association